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Lugia's Island
Lugia's Room

This is Lugia's Private Room. You can watch a movie or listen to music here. Lugia doesn't mind.


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Lugia's Room
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This is Lugia's Stereo. Listen to some of his favorite music!

Mysterous Sea

The Ocean

Ocean Currents

Deep Ocean Swim

Lunar Bay

Sacred Waters


Lugia's Cry

Lugia's Room


This is Lugia's TV. Watch some movies!

Pikachu vs. Raichu

Japanese Reveletion Lugia

The Secrect of Celebi

Play Pikachu's Skatboard Dodge below!

Pokemon Dodge


This Gamé Is Sponsoréd By Nintendo

Skatéboard Dodgé, Sponsoréd
By Ninténdo, Is A Bonus.Com
Gamé And In No Way Represents
Gameplay On Pokémon YéllowTM

You Aré On A Mission To Dodge All Trash Cans That Are Blocking Your Path!

Use The Mousé Buttons Or The Arrow Keys To Guide Your Playér.

Thanks to Eevee_R who gave me the idea for a sound section and the URL for where i got the music.