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On this page you'll find stuff about Lugia and the other legendary pokemon that you might not know...

Okay! I have come up with a few things to put in this section but if you have something to contribute, e-mail me.

*Largest Legendary Pokemon
*It is said that it spends its time at the bottom of the sea because its too strong
*It is capable at swimming and flying faster than the speed of sound

*Its a phoenix.
*It is made up of rainbow colored feathers and leaves a rainbow in its path as it flies.
*Was believed to have been worshiped by the Eygptians as the sun god, Ra

*Said to appear to people who are lost in the mountains.
*Lives on the highest peak in the world.
*Lord of Ice

*Appears while dropping enormous lightning bolts from the sky
*Can control lightning storms
*Lord of Lightning

*Its flame is used in the Olympic torch
*Lord of Fire

*Was born out of a volcano
*Runs to surpress its incredible power
*Believed to know the secrect of the Unown

*Its barks sound like crashing thunder
*Shoots lightning bolts from its' back
*So fast it sometimes is only seen as a blur

*The north winds blow whenever it is approached
*Is believed to know the secrects of Celebi
*Has control of the wind and water