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Lugia's Diary- Beginings

I roared as I stretched my 10-foot wings. I hadn't been out flying for a long time. I dove into the ocean and swam. I am Lugia the great beast of the sea. I swam through the water with great ease and skill. I had left the tower in Ecruteak City after it had burned to the ground many years ago. I also had left a single feather behind. As powerful as I was, I was afraid someone would find the feather. It was the only key to locating me and if someone found it and they were able to locate me, I might be caught. I continued swimming in the depths of the sea. As I swam I saw a huge Gyarados. I could tell it belonged to a trainer and trainers meant trouble. I swam as fast as I could underwater back to my home the Whirl Islands. I was being summoned. I created a gust of wind and rose above the waves. There in front of me was a trainer with the initials X-D. He had found me. His Quilava was annoyed at me for spraying him with water so he used Fire Spin to surround me with flames. I dove beneath the water and sent a wave at him and then used Hydro Pump. I knew the Quilava was hurt badly. The trainer sent his Umbreon at me. I gave it a cold glare. My Psychic attacks would be useless. It used Confuse Ray. All of a sudden my world was a blur. Attack this? No thats not a pokemon! Attack that? No thats not it either! I was way confused. So confused I attacked myself. I felt a Ball hit my wing. I almost got caught. Suddenly a rope had fastened around my neck. The trainer. I wasn't confused any longer. I roared. This was more than I could bear. I lashed back and forth attempting to throw the trainer of balance. I saw the trainer's egg fall out of his backpack. He panicked and decided to let me go. I hovered above the trainer and watched him swim for the egg. I dove into the water and disappeared from his view. I swam out to the exit of my underwater home and peered at the trainer playing with his newly hatched Eevee. I sang a song of awakening and goodbye from under the waves. I knew we would meet again someday.

Lugia's Diary -Ho-oh's Defeat

The storm was over and the trainer that had almost caught me before was long gone. I knew I was safe from any other trainers now because X-D had my feather. I swam beneath the waves with the ocean currents, like always. Suddenly I sensed something. A massive wave of power was above the ocean. I swam to the surface. As I got nearer and nearer to the power source I saw Ho-oh my adversary. What was he doing back? He left the Tin Tower when my tower burned to the ground. I called up to him with my psychic voice.
<Ho-oh, what are you doing back? > I asked. He called down to me with his normal bird voice.
Lugia? Is that you? He asked me. I emerged from the water in which I was hidden.
<Yes Ho-oh, its me>
<What are you doing back? >
I was summoned Lugia
Someone must have found my feather
<I didnt know you left a feather, Ho-oh>
I did and cant wait any longer. I must go
Ho-oh continued flying in the direction of the Tin Tower. I dove back into the water and decided to head to Ecruteak City just to make sure that Ho-oh was going to remain free. I swam as fast as I could and finally arrived at Olivine Bay. I couldnt fly directly to Ecruteak, people would see me. I decided to use my psychic powers to morph into another pokemon.
<Hmm> I thought. <Not too rare, but not too out of place>
I chose Farfetchd. I morphed quickly and resumed my flight to Ecruteak. I wasnt as fast but at least I didnt look obvious. I flew over Olivine City, up the route and landed on the top of the Tin Tower. I looked at Ho-oh. He was weak. The trainer pulled out an Ultra Ball and threw it at Ho-oh. He went inside the Ultra Ball and tried to free himself. He failed. Ho-oh had been caught the trainer leaped with joy and celebrated with his pokemon. I looked at the trainers pokemon. A Quiliava, an Umbreon, a Gyarados, and a young Eevee. I knew those pokemon. They belonged to X-D, the trainer whom I had battled. He finally had a legendary pokemon. Then X-Ds Eevee perked up its ears and looked at me. It began screeching loudly. X-D looked at it, then at me. He knew. I transformed back to my regular state. He looked at me with determination.
Okay Lugia he said confidently. Lets go.
He released Ho-oh. The battle of the century was about to begin.

Lugia's Diary -Lugia vs. Ho-oh

This was it. X-Ds new pokemon, and my adversary, Ho-oh, against me in a pokemon battle. I roared. I knew Ho-oh and I were just as powerful as each other. The battle would be a lock down. X-D really wanted to catch me. I had to defeat Ho-oh. It was the only way.
I flew up high over the Tin Tower and powered up. Ho-oh followed me. We began to spin and try to hit one another in mid-air. Ho-oh dove. I dodged. I dove. Ho-oh dodged. Ho-oh did a tricky maneuver where he faked going one way and instead went the other. I put up a shield. Ho-oh rammed into the shield and crashed. I used the opportunity to use Hydro Pump on Ho-oh. He took the hit. He was much weaker than before but still a problem to me. If I lost I would be caught. I didnt want that even though it might not be so bad. Ho-oh regained his balance and flew at me. My shield was down and I took a light hit. Then, Ho-oh hit me with Sacred Fire. I was burned. I used Aeroblast. My burn hurt a little. Ho-oh took the hit with ease. Then Ho-oh used Fire Blast. Ow. That hurt me a lot. Now Ho-oh and me had about equal Hit Points. I used Psychic. He shook it off. He used Ancient Power at the same time as me. We both got hit hard. Ho-oh had more damage than me because it was more effective on him. One more good hit and Ho-oh would be finished. I thought now would be a good time to use Recover. My Hit Points went up a little. Ho-oh used Recover after me. Ho-ohs Hit Points increased a little too. It began to rain. Ho-ohs power would drop. Mine would increase. I took advantage of the weather and used Hydro Pump. It missed because Ho-oh had flown up higher. Big mistake. I used Thunder. It was four times as effective because of the weather and the fact that he was in the air. Ho-oh came crashing to the ground. He landed on top of the Tin Tower, a fainted heap. X-D looked at Ho-oh and gave him a Max Revive. He stared at me. The rain poured down and every few minutes there was a crash of thunder and lightning. I was exhausted but I stood firm and stared back. X-D spoke.
I have trained all my life with one goal in mind. Be the strongest pokemon trainer in world. I have raised all my pokemon to the Champion Level and I have caught every pokemon known to man, including all the powerful legendary pokemon. All except you, Lugia.
I pondered his speech. I replied.
<Do not doubt your achievements. I have defeated Ho-oh, but that does not mean you have failed. To reach your level of greatness, I assume you that you must treat your pokemon with great love and care. That way, I would be honored to be your pokemon. The only problem is catching the legendary pokemon. You have upset the balance of the earth. This is not the first time this has happened. I fight so hard to remain free so I can reset the balance of nature>
I see
<I cannot stay any longer. The world is in grave danger>
With that I flew off to restore the earth. Alone. Or so I thought

Mew's Rival
By Nikki

I am so lonely. Although most Pokemon would love my place as a great legend, I hate it. Mewtwo is my only company, which is very boring. I would love a partner, other than a mere clone. I asked for too much. Soon, another legendary came and over ruled my part. I was forgotten. Celibi. No longer I, the great psychic one, better than this grass type. I had to do something about this... Celibi.
I floated over to him in the dreamy prarie covered in soft flowers, to talk out a few things. WHAM! He did not like me. I always thought headbutts were for the unexperienced. Shoo! My psybeam caught him off guard. Fuw, fuw, fuw, fuw, SWIP! Rasor leaf. My anger was building, my mind clouded. I forsed the anger into his brain. He stumbled. Gentle petals rose from behind him, peacefully, then swiped across my face. I put up my sheild, which was a pink bubble. WHAT!?!? Celibi had one too! Personally, I think my pink one is better than his green. I flew up to him and kicked my hardest. Then it was his turn to fly, except across the tall grass. BAM! We started bashing each other, like what I did to Mewtwo once. BOOM! BA-BAM! BAM! BAM! BOOM! BA-BOOM! Stop! The words suddenly popped up in my mind. Why? I was facing Cebili now, us paused in mid-air. Mewtwo dashed over below uson the greens. I dropped down next to him. As did my fighting partner. Mewtwo declared,"Why are you fighting? It will only lead to sorrow and damage. I made that mistake also once." My heart filled with disappointment and... sadness. We had fought each other for jealously. It was pointless.
I spoke up, "Sorry, I...."
Suprisingly Celibi finshed my thought. "This battle wasn't worth it, but I could never repay you."
"Yes, you can." I didn't mean to speak, but I went on. "Would you like to join Mewtwo and I?" He answered yes. Now I am not as lonely. Now he is not in the spotlight alone, but with us three in too. But the raging battle remains in my thoughts.

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