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Lugia's Island

Whatcha doin here? Come check out the new site!

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Draw and Chat
Lugia's Room
Moves and Status
Revelation Lugia
Lugia's Picture Gallery
Legendary Birds Roost
Fun Facts
Lugia in the Games
Fan Art
The Ledgends of Lugia
Affiliates and Awards
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Attention everyone! Lugia's Island has moved to a new location! This site will still be up but it will no longer be updated! So pleaze update your links and check out the new site!

Site Guide

Lugia's Room- Listen to music, watch a movie or play a game here!

Moves and Status- Lugia's status and moves that he learns from leveling up and his TM and HM moves.

Reveletion Lugia- The movie description and poster for Pokemon the Movie 2000.

Lugia's Picture Gallery- The best Lugia pics on the web! If you steal one your breaking the law! I'm seroious! Ask if you want one!

Legendary Birds Roost- Where the 5 birds rest. There is also a message board and now a chat room! We need a conversation!

Fun Facts- Cool stuff about the legendary pokemon.

Lugia in the Games- How and where to get Lugia in the Gold and Silver pokemon games!

Fanfics- Cool fanfics about lugia and the other pokemon. Submit one of your own!

Fan Art- Cool pics of lugia and the other legendary birds drawn by other people.

The Legends of Lugia- Exclusive myths never before revelied to the public! Until now.

Affilates and Awards- Awards i've won and my affilates! You can also become an Affilate!

E-Mail Me- E-mail me and tell me what you think about the site.

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